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The Akiner Controversy

by Nathan Hamm

More discussion of Shirin Akiner and her controversial Andijon Report (PDF) can be found at Hulegu’s Campaign and Ben Paarmann’s weblog. Via the former comes Craig Murray’s letter to SOAS criticizing Dr. Akiner as a “propagandist for the Karimov regime.” While I think I’ve made it clear that I have serious problems with Akiner’s report, […]

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by Laurence Jarvik

For some two hours on the evening of September 14th, at the W.P. Carey Forum of the Central Asia Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University’s Nitze School of Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Shirin Akiner faced critics of her controversial report: Violence in Andijan, 13 May 2005: An Independent Assessment. (PDF) Akiner spoke as a […]

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UPI Interviews Shirin Akiner

by Laurence

There’s an interesting interview with Shirin Akiner by John C.K. Daly on the UPI Website.It is sure to add to her reputation as controversial and outspoken. Here’s a sample quote: Certainly, the human rights situation in Uzbekistan is not perfect, but I would question whether it is indeed that much worse than in many other […]

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Shirin Akiner in DC

by Nathan Hamm

On his blog, Laurence has a number of posts and pictures on Shirin Akiner’s appearance in Washington today. In this one, he says, Dr. Akiner charged that an excutive of International Crisis Group in London tried to get her fired. Akiner claimed she had a copy of a poison pen letter written by the ICG […]

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Akiner, cont.

by Nathan Hamm

As a follow up to Dr. Akiner’s report, check out Ben Paarmann’s post on discussing Akiner’s report with Marcus Bensmann, a German journalist who was in Andijon during the unrest who is strongly critical of Akiner’s claims.

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Shirin Akiner’s Controversial Andijan Report

by Laurence

You can read the full text of Dr. Shirin Akiner’s original report on the May 13th Andijan killings , here, at the Silk Road Studies website. Her conclusion: It seems likely that the motive was political, intended as the opening phase of a coup d’état, on the lines of the Kyrgyz model. The choice of […]

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Andijon +6, + ça Change?

by Joshua Foust
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Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Andijon massacre in Uzbekistan. Our founder Nathan Hamm has written literally thousands of words about this atrocity over the last six years, and they are all worth reading. Despite the distance of several years, however, this appalling crime still offers mute, disquieting lessons. For one, it’s important to […]

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Tajikistan in the New Central Asia – Book Review

by Christian Bleuer

Please forgive me for reviewing a book that was published two years ago. But very few books are published on Tajikistan. That means you may have to go back a few years when discussing published works on Tajikistan. The book, Tajikistan in the New Central Asia: Geopolitics, Great Power Rivalry and Radical Islam by Swedish […]

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Andijan Protest Leader Talks to RFE/RL

by Laurence

This interview with Qobiljon Parpiev, on Eurasianet and RFE/RL is likely to be interpreted by the Uzbek government as evidence that the US government is in cahoots with the Andijan plotters to overthrow Karimov. “I tell one story, the government tells another story. The two stories are going to contradict each other. [I say] there […]

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Mr. Salih Goes to Washington

by Laurence

Muhammed Salih may have surprised his colleagues from Human Rights Watch, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, and the International Crisis Group when he testifed before Senator Sam Brownback’s CSCE committee on Capitol Hill yesterday. (A transcript should appear here, eventually.) The Erk party leader asked for the United States to keep its base […]

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